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Who We Are, Hallmark Builders

Hallmark Biodigesters is a science and engineering company based in Nairobi providing specialist solutions for the treatment of effluent and waste.

Hallmark Bio-digesters has been at the forefront of wastewater treatment technology in Kenya & East Africa since 2015.

From Design and Build to Operations and Maintenance, we’ve been able to serve different clients from small homes to huge community apartments, temples, malls, learning institutions, factories among others.

Acknowledged as consummate multi-disciplined professionals in our field, we provide a broad range of industry-focused consulting and construction services that address the distinct and unique challenges faced by our clients around the country.

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Innovative Solutions for
Biodigesters & Waste Water

Hallmark Builders is a waste water management one-stop shop offering you most professional and cost efficient solutions for your waste water management in the following areas.

Biodigester Design

We provide bespoke designs for biodigester systems including the grease interceptors, the biodigester tank and the soakage drain

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Biodigester Installation

We build concrete biodigesters, as well as install prefabricated and pvc(plastic) biodigesters of all sizes and modifications

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Plastic Septic Tanks

We supply and install ready to use plastic(PVC) biodigester septic tanks of different sizes.

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Supply of Enzymes

We supply biodigester bacteria and enzymes, commonly referred to as biodigester chemicals, for pit latrines, septic tanks and biodigesters.

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Waste Water Management

Hallmark Builders provides bespoke solutions to manage waste water both industrial and waste water from septic tanks.

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Biogas Generation

We build efficient biogas digesters. We also introduce bacteria to speed the biodegradation & improve the quality of manure produced.

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Each project is unique depending on among others the size, usage & soil profile. Let's discuss yours in detail

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Why Biodigesters

Key Merits of Biodigesters over traditional septic tanks

Biodigesters are by far more advantageous as compared to traditional septic tanks in all aspects. Here are just the top three advantages

Never Fill Up

A biodigester NEVER fills up. All the solid matter is naturally decomposed into water and odorless gases. Amount of water flashed in and produced by decomposing process is outlet through french drain(soakage)

Minimal Costs

Biodigesters are by far much less voluminous as compared to traditional septic tanks. Also, biodigestersnever fill up, this completely eliminates the exhauster costs

Environmentally Friendly

The biodigester is a far more environmentaly friendly way of storing and treating effluent waste compared to traditional septic tanks. Hallmark Builders' biodigesters are approved by NEMA and the Ministry of Environment, Water & Natural Resources

Choosing A Biodigester Expert?

Why Choose Hallmark Builders

Here are some of the reasons as to why you should choose Hallmark Builders for design, installation and maintenance of your biodigester, waste water system and biogas generators

Our Expertise

Our expertise in the latest technologies in waste water management is unequivocal.

Vast Experience

Over the years, we've handled hundreds of projects of various complexities and sizes

Best Prices

Our technical knowhow plus huge economies of scale enable us offer best quality at the best prices possible

Excellent Customer Service

It's in our culture to offer each and every client we serve the best service, technical advice and support


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We have built hundreds of biodigesters or various sizes. These include concrete and plastic(pvc) tank based ones for residential, institutional and commercial use.