Sale of Biodigester Enzymes

Hallmark Builders supplies biodigester bacteria and enzymes, commonly referred to as biodigester chemicals, for pit latrines, septic tanks and biodigesters.

It's noteworthy that the choice of bacteria/enzyme is dictated by the needs of the client. e.g A client may need all the sludge biodegraded into water and gases while another may need decomposition of sludge(especially animal effluent) to produce methane gas(biogas) and manure for farming.

Generally, the bacteria and the enzymes do the following functions:

  • Speed up the decomposition of the solid matter
  • Improve the quantity of biogas generated
  • Remove odours
  • Clean and remove harmful germs from the septic tank

Our enzymes and bacteria have the following merits:

  • Once introduced into the septic tank, they'll never stop working
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • They can withstand toxins flushed into the tank
  • Can be used for wide range of uses