Biogas Generation

Methane gas(biogas) is produced when bacteria digest organic matter in absebce of oxygen in a process referred to as anaerobic digestion. The gas is odourless and highly flamable making it a good source of clean energy.

Both human and animal effluent can be used to generate biogas. In domestic setting, the biogas that can be produced by human effluent of a few people maybe insignificant and is normally released into the atmosphere. In places with many people such as schools, hospitals and public toilets, it's possible to economically produce substantial amount of biogas.

Animals such as cows produce adequate biomas that can be used to produce huge amount of biogas.
Hallmark Builders builds efficient biogas digesters. We also artificially introduce bacteria to speed the biodegradation and improve the quality of manure produced. Where human effluent is used to produce the gas, we introduce enzymes and bacteria that completely decompose the biomass into water, biogas and carbon dioxide.