Biodigester Installation

A biodigester is a septic tank based on biodegrading the solid matter into water, carbon dioxide and methane gas(biogas). Enzymes and bacteria are introduced into the tank to speed up the decomposition.

A correctly built biodigester can last a lifetime. Hallmark Builders understands that this is what you would need and therefore recruits and trains a team of specialized biodigester construction technicians. Depending on the size of your project, we shall deploy a number of technicians to assure quality and timely construction.

There are various sizes and types of biodigesters. Hallmark Builders will guide you on the best type and size depending on your project's unique characteristics.

We also install prefabricated and pvc(plastic) biodigesters. This includes the plumbing work, soakage construction as well as introduction of the bacteria into the digester.